Something a bit different…

Hey there world!
So this post isn’t about beauty, but its about a little piece of tech that I’ve been obsessed with recently. Its called an electronic cigarette or a vaporizer and its absolutely wonderful. There is a lot of controversy over it and people might feel negatively towards it, and thats totally fine! But I personally love it and I know there would be people who would be interested in it and not know much about it.  So this is just my little review about my experience with it.

I really enjoy smoking shisha because it looks so sexy and tastes amazing, but I couldn’t afford a hookah, let alone bring one into my residence building.  So I did some research and purchased this bad boy from a local bong shop called Your Highness.  The owner of the store is really good friends with me and gave me all the details about this product.  Its like a portable hookah that vaporizes flavoured liquid in the capsule and you breath out the flavoured steam.  Its so much safer for you than smoking, despite what you might hear.  Its amazing to play with and its just a fun product. You can get the elixir with nicotine in it if you are a smoker but if not the they do sell all flavours with 0 nicotine content so you can still play around without worrying.



My favourite flavours are Strawberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Peach, Green Apple and Vanilla. They all taste like candy and they’re so fun.  I honestly always play with it whether I’m just chilling and studying or if I’m out with my friends.

If your interested the make sure you go into a store and DO NOT buy the knock-off brands.  They may be cheaper, but they don’t last nearly as long and if anything goes wrong then sadly your lungs won’t be very happy with you.

Overall I’d say that this is my new obsession in the tech world.

October Beauty Favourites

Hey friends! I know I haven’t posted in a while; but school has been driving me crazy! But anyways, I’ve decided to get back into the grove of things.  My style of makeup is constantly evolving here and I just thought I’d share some of my most recent obsessions. Later in the week I’m going to post a look that I’m obsessed with for fall featuring most of the products that I’m showing below.  So lets get started!


This foundation has been my obsession since the beginning of the school year! It’s so lightweight and provides me enough coverage on all my red spots/dark circles. It takes me no time in the morning to apply it because it goes on with your fingers and dries to a powder finish. It’s also from the drugstore so it’s super affordable and it comes in tons of colours. I don’t know what I’d do without it.



Mac Woodwink is my favourite eyeshadow this fall. It has an effect that makes it look like its two colours when its blended all over the eye; a warm brown in the crease and a gold on the lid. Whenever I’m going out I’ll plop this allover my eye and smudge a brown eyeshadow in my upper lash line and I makes me look very hazy and sultry. Its the easiest eyeshadow to use and I absolutely love it.



This next eyeshadow is Sin by urban decay.  I use it as a hi lighter all on my cheekbones and nose and on my inner tear duct. I love multi-use products and this eyeshade looks so pretty and metallic, yet its still subtle and natural looking. I use this bad boy everyday.


I don’t know what I was doing with myself before I discovered this guy. MAC fix+ is the best setting spray ever.  It gives me a VERY dewy finish and makes me feel s refreshed and awake.  Its also great as a mixing medium for intensifying pigments on the life or creating a liquid liner out of eyeshadows.


This next product is something new to my collection. I picked it up from the drugstore for $5 just to experiment with cream contouring and I love it. I find cream contouring very simple and fast and much more natural looking compared powder products.This is a maybeline cream foundation stick in the shade 340 which is a couple shades darker than my natural skin colour. I apply it to the hollows of my cheeks, on my temples and also around my nose to contour, then I use a damp beauty blender to bend it away. Its so simple!! And the results are phenomenal.


This Revlon Lip balm is the Its a stain and balm in one and its in the lightest colour the have.  Its makes my lips look juicy and plump and moisturizes them at the same time. I also wear this bad boy everyday.


This last product I have is by Stila and its their stay all day liquid lipstick in Amore.  Its a very dark purple but it can be applies sheerly with a lip balm to give a subtle purple lip or it can be applied heavily for an intense, high-fashion dark purple lip.  Overtime I war this on campus I get so may compliments and it makes me feel so confident because it brings out the green in my eyes.  It dries matte and stays on my lips for a bout 6 hours if I don’t eat anything.  Its not sticky on my lips and I didn’t have a problem with them drying out at all. This colour is so perfect for fall and its absolutely gorgeous.

I hope you discovered some knew products here so you guys can try them out! I’ll be back in a week or so with my two favourite fall makeup looks.

Summer Essentials


Hey Friends! I just wanted to touch on some of the products that I find are essential in the summer time. These are all great products to get a natural look and aren’t too heavy on the skin which is exactly that we want in the summer time! I’ll go into detail about each product so that you know exactly what it is and how to use it.  I hope you all enjoy and find it helpful!


The first item which I am loving at the moment is the the Josie Aran 100% pure aragon oil.  This is a beauty oil that can be used not only on the face but for spit ends, cuticles, dry skin, basically anything that is dry and needs hydration.  I should probably say that I live in a very dry place and therefore my usually normal skin feels super dry and tight and this is an amazing moisturizer! I use it as a night time moisturizer and honestly when I wake up in the morning my skin looks so healthy and radiant It is soothing and lovely and I look forward to putting it on every night! I recommend this for any skin type because it will help reduce oil for people with oily skin and it will hydrate and refresh dry skin.  Definitely a summer essential because when I wake up in the morning I feel like I don’t even need to put makeup on!


Next up is this beauty blender. I bought this about 3 days ago and it is absolutely amazing. It evenly spreads your foundation/concealer without absorbing too much of the product.  I find when I use this that it goes me such a natural finish it looks like I have nothing on. It can be used for any type of foundation from tinted moisturizers to heavy full-coverage foundations.  Everyone should own one of these! On a side note, invest in the real beauty blender, not the cheaper version that can be bought at drug stores: the knock-off ones absorb all of your product and make the foundation you apply to your face look like a hot mess.


Next is the Smashbox Camera-ready CC cream, my shade is Light/Neutral I have been searching for a CC cream that I would love and so far this is one of the best ones.  CC stands for colour-correcting, so it is meant to even out ones skin tone without adding too much coverage.  This one is a bit heavier and is more of a medium-coverage cream and therefore will not be suited for girls who like a really light foundation, but I still live it.  It is my perfect colour and goes me the exact coverage that I want.
Also a year-round essential is the Mac Pro-Longwear concealer, my shade is NC30. This stuff is phenomenal!! It doesn’t crease, its extremely full coverage, extremely long wearing and it blends out beautifully.  It can also act as an eye primer because it is so crease-proof and long wearing.  This product is suitable to all skin types, I highly recommend that everyone invest in this product.


Next up is the Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder.  This is a setting power that works amazingly and its completely translucent so it does not alter the shade of your foundation in any way, it just sets your makeup to ensure that it will last all day or all night.  It is the best drugstore setting powder that I have ever tried and I especially like it because it gives a very matte finish, so it will control the oil in t-zone on hot summer days and prevent your make from melting off.

Up next is the Tarte Amazon Clay Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess.  This is just a sample size but it is such a pretty natural-looking bronzer.  Bronzers are so pretty in the summer because it gives a person the look of glowing sun-kissed skin even if you’re inside all day working.  This colour is such a great warm-tned bronzer and it has a very subtle gold undertone.  In the pan it looks like it has gold glitter, but when you put it on its has a beautiful bronzy-golden-godess look to it.  If you prefer a matte bronzer, the Bobbie Brown bronzer in Golden Natural is one of the best ones out there, but personally for a natural, fresh summer look, this one is my favourite so far.  It can also be used as a hi-lighter on darker-skinned girls.


Ok this blush is so old and I’ve barely used any, so excuse the photo.  Its a MAC limited edition blush from the surfer collection a few years ago, but its still my favourite blush for summertime.  Its basically just a really intense coral-orange colour that looks so beautiful on any skin type. I don’t know of anything that is exactly like this colour but any colour that is close to this is the perfect colour for the summer, especially with the trend of oranges and corals that is currently in style.


This next product is a Bare Minerals all-over face powder in Pure Radiance.  I would never use this as an all-over face colour though!! In the pan it actually looks like its a neutral face setting powder, but looks are very deceiving in this case.  On the skin it completely transforms into this amazingly sparkling hi-lighter. It is so sparkly and iridescent that it could also be used as an eyeshadow.  I love this as a hi-lighter in the spring and summer just because of how sparkly it is.  It is so pretty and so feminine and suitable to all skin types and colours.  Although if you hate sparkles the you would really hate this product because it is packed with iridescent micro-glitter.


Next up is this water-proof tinted brow gel from Mac called the Pro-Longwear Waterproof Brow Set.  The fact that its waterproof is what sold me on it because when its hot in the summer you don’t want to sweat off your brow filler, or if you go swimming you still want your eyebrows to look good! This product is so easy for summer because I can just whip it on and my brows are set and given just the right amount of colour.  I love brow gels so much!


Next is the Maybeline Pumped Up Colossal Volume Express mascara.  This is such a great mascara for volume because the brush is huge and it super easy to apply the product.  I love mascaras like this always but this one for the summer is so great cause I can literally just put this on my eyes and my eyes look so big and beautiful! Its perfect!
I also prefer drugstore mascaras rather than high-end ones because I find they last longer and they’re WAY more affordable.


This next product has been a favourite of mine for while: its the Urban Decay Naked Basics double ended pencil.  On one side you have the shade Venus, which is a creamy almost iridescent beige shade which looks amazing when placed in the waterline to open and brighten the eyes.  And on the other side is the shade Crave, which is a very dark brown, almost black colour which looks great on the top lash line or when places in the waterline for a more smokey, night time look.  This pencil is great because it super easy to travel with an has the perfect colours in it.  The texture of the pencils is also very creamy and easy to work with so anyone can feel confident applying wither of these colours.


These next two products are actually from the same Lise Waters eyeshadow collection. The blue one is in the colour Folie D’eau which is this amazing iridescent peacock blue colour, and the pink one is in the colour Folie Douce which is this to-die-for rose gold colour.  These loose eyeshadows are so gorgeous! They both have so much sparkly and are so easy to apply! They have a bit of fall out but thats because they are loose powder formulas.  But the colour intensity and shimmer is incomparable.  They are both so pretty for the summer and are suitable for all skin colours.  This one of eyeshadow is one of my favourites just because of the amazing and sometimes unexpected colours that you find, but all of them, and especially these two, are stunning and a summer staple for everyone out there.


Last but certainly not least are these two lip glosses.  The bottom one is a Makeup Forever Lab Shine lipgloss in the shade S24.  It is such a beautiful bubble-gum pink colour, and it smells like a fruit salad.  Its so pretty by itself or even on top of a nude lipstick.  Its very beautiful for light-medium coloured skin tones but it is a bit too pink and too light for darker skinned girls.
The top colour is a sample size lipgloss from Bare Minerals line called Marvelous Moxie in the shade  Party Starter.  This is such a beautiful pink-coral colour as it is not too orange and not too pink. Its so pigmented, goes on so smoothly and smells like mint.  It is a bit on the sticky side but its just such a beautiful colour that I am willing to put up with the stickiness.
Im usually not a fan of lip glossed because they get stuck in my hair but when its summer my hair is usually up anyways and I can play around with them more!


This is just a swatch of all the colours of the powder products, the eyeliners, and the lip glosses.  From Right to Left it goes Makeup Forever lipgloss, Bare Minerals Lipgloss, Lise Waters eyeshade in Folie Douce then in Folie D’eau, the Urban Decay eyeliner in Venus then in Crave, the Bare minerals hi-lighter (which unfortunately is not showing up true to life in the photo), the MAC blush, then the Tarte Bronzer.

I hope you all enjoyed my summer essentials list and I hope you learned about something new! Thank you for reading and I’ll be back with more beauty knowledge soon!


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Hello friends! Im so excited to start where I’ll be able to share my inspiration, my daily life, and my beauty tricks with you all. I’m so glad to finally be starting this blog because its about time I crate a creative outlet for myself and as well as many of you to get to know me as a person!

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Now for a little bit about me! I’m Rachel, I’m an 18 year-old university bound student about to study engineering (hence why I need the creative outlet).  I’ve lived all over Canada and love every part of it! I’m a huge fan of the simple things in life like strong coffee, any food really, classic books, rainy days, good music, fresh bed sheets, sleeping, Miranda perfume, flavoured cigarettes, rum, mathematics, spell check, late nights, love bites, messy hair, silver rings, new faces, strange streets, long hugs, familiar voices, and the potential to see beauty in everything around me. I describe my style as minimalist with a twist; the twist depends on my mood that day 😉

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I have no standards for this blog except to enjoy myself and hopefully for viewers to enjoy themselves here as well.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr to get even more inspiration and share some ideas about what you would like to see.

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I love you all and thank you for visiting my knew blog! I will be posting at least once       a week in the summer!